English for Academic Purposes

CRICOS Course Code: 111960F

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course is designed to prepare international students, from a range of backgrounds and nationalities, to undertake tertiary study in Australia.

Students enrolled for this course will have as their specific study objective the completion of a tertiary level course in an Australian tertiary institution.

The focus of this EAP course is developing the skills areas in English, which the student will require to study alongside native speakers in tertiary courses. However, students entering the EAP course at the lower level will not necessarily have access to the language base, which makes the use of these skills a possibility. For this reason the balance of the EAP course will move systematically from a language focus to a skills focus as the student progresses through the levels from EAP Level 1 to EAP Level 2.

Key Information

Course Duration

26 Weeks

Study Mode

Face to Face

Course Location

Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

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Course Intake

Every Monday

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English for Academic Purposes course is made up of 20 units of study, each of which is delivered over a week.

Teaching methods include teacher directed and student-centered learning.  Delivery will be flexible taking into account the different learning styles, cultures and needs of students.  Macro-skills will be developed using communicative and integrated techniques.

A combination of the following delivery methods will be used:


Oral Presentation

Web-based research


Individual and group instruction

Online activities


Audio-visual materials

Independent research

There are no specific educational pre-requisites for entry into this course, as entry into this level is based on assessment of English language proficiency.  However, it is anticipated that a majority of students will have completed Year 10 or equivalent.

Successful completion of Pre-Intermediate level or above of the General English course will permit admission to the EAP Level 1.

Successful completion of Intermediate level or above of the General English course or EAP Level 1 course will permit admission to the EAP Level 2

The acceptable level in international tests required for entry to the courses is outlined below

  • IELTS Band 5.0 with no band < 4.5 = EAP Level 1
  • IELTS Band 5.5 with no band < 5.0 = EAP Level 2

The course is structured into two level, EAP 1 and EAP 2.

EAP 1 bridges the gap between General English and Academic English and takes students using the Common European Framework (CEF) from B1 to high B1 (B1+). It is designed to help students learn intermediate-level English language skills, with a particular emphasis on academic vocabulary and grammar. It provides a good introduction to Academic English for those students wanting to continue their EAP study. It features thought provoking topics and develops the necessary skills required for university study – note taking, essay writing and presentations skills. It also provides strategies for undertaking research and dealing with unfamiliar academic vocabulary.

EAP1 introduces students to the characteristics of written and spoken academic texts. Students are guided towards developing relevant strategies for setting study goals and approaching these texts. From asking for help, understanding essay questions to planning essay paragraphs and listening for gist and detail, students have a wealth of opportunities to practice all core academic skills.

EAP 2 equips students with the necessary English language skills required for academic study at university or other tertiary level institutions, and takes students using the Common European Framework (CEF) from high B1 (B1+) to B2. Students are given further practice in academic study skills. There is also analysis of the characteristics of written and spoken academic texts, the development of the awareness of academic culture, as well as learning how to avoid plagiarism. There is also essay organisation, note taking, group discussion, the skill of writing references and paraphrasing texts. Students are given ample opportunity to practice and enhance all academic skills.

The Brighton College English for Academic Purposes course focuses on develop student’s academic English skills to prepare them for tertiary study