How to Apply

Step One: Enquiry

You can enquire via an agent or directly on our website, email and/or phone call.

We will then provide you with a copy of the Brighton College Course Brochure and the Student Handbook which contains important information such as our courses, the course entry requirements, the enrolment process, visa eligibility requirements, information about living in Australia, our refund policy, complaints and appeals policy, etc. All information provided at any point in time of this process will be accurate and ethical.

Step Two: Apply

You can access the enrolment form on our website or via your agent, or directly at Brighton College. To apply, submit the following to your agent or Brighton College Enrolment Officer:

  • A completed enrolment form.
  • Citified copy of passport.
  • English proficiency evidence such as Internal placement test (onshore students only), IELTS Test (Average Score of 5.5 in the academic test) or equivalent.
  • Academic entry requirements such as certified copies of High School Certificate or equivalent secondary schooling outcome, qualifications/work experience and other relevant documents.
  • Visa evidence (if applicable).

Step Three: Application Screening

Once we receive your application we will assess your application against the requirements of the course and issue:

  • A Conditional Letter of Offer and Student Agreement if all the required documentation/information is not complete, e.g. An interview with the candidate is pending or/and financial documents verification, SOP is still pending.

Step Four: Course Entry Interview

Brighton College Enrolment Officer will contact the student to arrange a time to complete the Course Entry Interview. This may be conducted face to face at our campus or via phone/skype if preferred.

If the student is suitable then we will issue an unconditional letter offer and student agreement and we will advise the student to accept the offer.

If the student documentation is not completed and/or does not meet the entry requirement for the chosen course/s, Brighton college will discuss the alternative course of action with the agent and/or student.

Step Five: Student Review, Acceptance and Payment

A student is asked to review the Unconditional letter of offer and Student Agreement to ensure course fees, duration, payment plan and other details are stated correctly.
Brighton College will receive and record the evidence of payment according to the letter offer and student agreement.

Step Six: Confirmation of Enrolment eCOE

Upon receiving the payment and signed Letter of offer and Student Agreement Brighton College will issue student with an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCOE)/s and send it to the agent and/or student.


Arrival in Australia

Step Seven: Course Orientation/Course Commencement

  • Student attends compulsory Orientation and starts class

We will notify you of your course commencement details when we send you the Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). You are required to arrive at Brighton College Anderson St Campus at 9:00 am on the first day of the course unless otherwise specified.  You will then attend an induction program and we will ask you to confirm your personal details including Accommodation details, Contact details – mobile phone number and email address, Next of kin details, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), Individual needs, USI requirements.

More information
For enrolment information, downloads, course information, policies and more please go to or contact us directly via email or phone call 07 3123 4911. We have a dedicated team ready to assist you through every step of the enrolment process.