University Packaged Program

Brighton College - Torrens University

Our packaged program with Torrens University (CRICOS code: 03389E) offers you a guaranteed* entry to your desired bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Successful completion of the Diploma or Advanced Diploma or Graduate Diploma level qualification at Brighton College enables you to automatically enter the second year of your chosen relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree qualification at Torrens University.


When you apply for the packaged course, you receive a dual offer from both Brighton College and Torrens University, which enables you to apply for a single visa for the entire study duration.

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Why choose a Brighton CollegeTorrens University packaged program?

  • Be guaranteed* entry to an undergraduate bachelor’s/master’s degree program at Torrens University*;
  • Graduate with dual qualifications from Brighton College and Torrens University;
  • Packaged programs enable you to study undergraduate/postgraduate courses at Torrens University even if you do not meet the course entry requirement at the beginning.
  • Enables you to receive up to 15% transition scholarship on chosen undergraduate/post-graduate course at Torrens University
  • Get access to Torrens University facilities and study support programs while studying at Brighton College;
  • Graduate with a career-competitive mix of practical and theoretical skills, which is attractive to employers

*Guaranteed only if the student successfully completes the requirements of their chosen qualifications at Brighton College

Following table shows the study options available at Torrens University after completing a course at Brighton College.

Brighton College CoursesBlock credit guaranteed*Torrens university coursesRemaining Credit PointsRemaining DurationPathway Type
BSB50120 Diploma of Business70Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship / Event Management / Marketing / Sports Management/Hospitality Management / Information System / Tourism Management)160 2 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
70Bachelor of Commerce1602 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
70Bachelor of Culinary Management1602 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
BSB60120 Advanced Diploma of Business
120*Bachelor of Business( Entrepreneurship / Event management / Marketing / Sports Management / Tourism Management / Hospitality Management)120 2 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
110Bachelor of Business Information System1302 YearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
90 Bachelor of Commerce150 2 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology 80 Bachelor of Business(Entrepreneurship / Event Management / Marketing / Sports Management)160 2 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
80 Bachelor of Business Information Systems160 2 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
ICT60220 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology120*Bachelor of Business Information Systems120 2 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management80Associate Degree of Culinary Management801 YearPackaged Offer/Acticulation
80Bachelor of Culinary Management1602 YearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management80 Bachelor of Business( Entrepreneurship / Event Management / Marketing / Sports Management / Hospitality Management / Tourism Management)160 2 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
80 Bachelor of Culinary Management160 2 yearsPackaged Offer / Articulation
CHC52015 Diploma of Community services
80 Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Community Services)160 2 YearsPackaged Offer / Articulation

Note: Applications will only be accepted from agents who represent both Brighton College and Torrens University.
* 10 credit points is equivalent to 1 subject and 8 subjects is equivalent to 1-year full-time study
* Students must complete both Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications to be eligible for the credit.