Australia at glance

Australia has 24 million people and it is the most urbanised country in the world with 70% of the population living in cities. Australia is divided into six states and two territories.  The capital city is Canberra and the official language is English.  Sydney and Melbourne are the largest cities.

Australia is known for its relaxed lifestyle and its beach culture in particular on the East Coast of the country.  Its wild life is abundant and the iconic Kangaroo is easy to be seen as close as the outskirts of cities.

Australia a vibrant multicultural society

Australia prides itself to have evolved in a highly successful multicultural society with nearly half of the population born overseas or with a parent born overseas.

We welcome international students and in 2018 there were over 550,000 international students, predominantly from China, India, Nepal, Malaysia and Brazil

Brisbane at a glance

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and is the third most populous city of Australia with a population of 2.4 million people. Brisbane is known for its relaxed lifestyle with a focus on outdoor activities. It prides itself to the “Australia most liveable city”. Due to its size, it offers a wide range of activities for everyone be it shopping, cultural or sporting activities.

General Information




GMT/UTC  + 10 Hours

Australian Dollar($AU)



December – February
Average Temperature: 27 ºC

March- May
Average Temperature: 23 ºC

June – August
Average Temperature: 17 ºC

September – November
Average Temperature: 22 ºC

Living in Brisbane

Most overseas students will find that the cost of living in Australia and in Brisbane is much higher than in their home country. But in comparison with other capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, it has comparatively low living expenses.

A general guide to costs of living (accommodation, groceries, eating out, gas, electricity, phone and internet, car, and entertainment) per week can be found at button below