Why academic English is important before higher education? Here are 07 reasons.

Academic English
If you're thinking about pursuing tertiary education in Australia while English is not your mother language, preparation involves more than just selecting a program - it includes mastering academic English.

Being able to communicate in English in everyday conversations doesn’t necessarily mean you can excel in academic debates or write professional academic research. Academic English demands advanced skills. The University of Melbourne pointed out the reasons why the academic language is important in higher education and why it is necessary for international students to participate in academic English classes before starting their major courses.

Strong Foundation

Academic English classes provide a solid foundation in language skills essential for academic success. From writing research papers to participating in class discussions, a strong command of English is fundamental.

Effective Communication

Clear communication is key in higher education. Academic English classes focus on developing effective communication skills, support you to express yourself fluently and confidently in academic settings.

Critical Thinking

Studying academic English encourages critical thinking and analysis. Through reading and interpreting complex texts, you will enhance your ability to comprehend and evaluate academic materials [1]—a skill vital for success in diploma or bachelor’s assignments.

Academic English - Academic Materials

Academic materials/ Academic sources [1]

Cultural Understanding

English is the “lingua franca” of academia worldwide. (Lingua Franca: a language used for communication between groups of people who speak different languages – Source: Cambridge Dictionary). By studying academic English, you will gain insight into Western academic culture; specifically, the Australian culture, which is often the standard in diploma and bachelor’s degree programs.

Preparation for Academic Challenges

Diploma and bachelor’s degree programs demand rigorous academic work. Academic English classes prepare the challenges you will encounter, equipping yourself with the necessary language skills and study strategies to excel in your chosen major. It also teaches you the writing styles and research methods needed for higher education, such as citation/reference styles, academic writing structures, and research methodologies.

Enhanced Opportunities

Proficiency in academic English expands your professional horizons. Whether pursuing further studies or entering the workforce, strong English skills can lead you to greater career opportunities.

In summary, studying academic English before higher education equips you with the skills needed to succeed in college or university. Then, the next question is how can you improve your Academic English skills?


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